Ann K photoCommunity Care’s unique programs help you live life on your terms. For Ann K., enrolling in a Community Care program was “a Godsend.”

A quadriplegic due to multiple sclerosis, Ann says, “If I wasn’t here and didn’t have the family support I do, I would be in a nursing home.” Community Care’s programs and support from her husband Tom have enabled Ann to enjoy the best of health care, to live at home, to take on important roles in her community and to spend time with people she enjoys.

“It is all encompassing, excellent care,” says Ann, who serves on the Community Care Board of Directors. “If someone in these programs has an ingrown toenail or a lump in the breast, they can be seen by a doctor right away. We have ready access to our doctors and nurses. Otherwise, it could take days, weeks even, to get it evaluated by a doctor.”

“With Community Care,” says Ann, “life is the very best it can be.”

Ms Boston photo“They spoil you here. Your medication is measured out so you don’t have to remember what to take when. If you have an appointment with the doctor, they just tell you when it is and they come and pick you up. So many of my friends in the housing where I live have to coordinate that all themselves and find their own transportation. That would be hard.”

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